Art Day PM Program (ages 6-16)


WHO: Students Ages 6-16, Students will be divided into Upper and Lower Forms
WHAT: Two sessions per month of Movement (50 minutes) and Art Intensive (50 minutes)
WHERE: Loft & Field Farm
WHEN: Every other Friday 1:00pm-3:00pm, see calendar
COST: $33/month or $94/trimester
MATERIALS FEE: $13 for spiral-bound art sketchbooks (or previous students can continue using their sketchbooks from last year), bring cash or check to purchase at Check-In desk.
HOW PAYMENT WORKS: Payment collected when signing up for classes, subscription will continue until the end of the school year or cancel any time.  No refunds.
BONUS: When you sign up for any local class, your family automatically gets a Loft & Field Membership. Memberships include access to the Living Books Library, parent support, early sign-ups, and more. They will expire June 15th, 2022. If you’d like the benefits of membership without taking local classes, we have a “Membership Only” option on our Enroll page. Read more about the many benefits of a Loft & Field membership here.

General Information

Program of Study

See the Art Day PM Program time schedule here.
Movement – We begin our movement classes with stretching and calisthenics. Then we focus on activities that call our bodies to show balance, coordination, and focused attention. We especially try to offer movement activities that are usually best in a group setting. This year we will learn recreational games, basketball, football, soccer, winter games, softball, and racquet & net games. Students should bring a labeled water bottle and extra sports equipment from home to share with the class if you have it (bring a basketball during basketball, etc.). Taught by Ms. Carrie. (50 minutes)

Visual Art Intensive – Have you ever tried to create something, but it didn’t end up looking like what your brain wanted it be? There are habits and techniques that can be strengthened in order to help us create what we imagine. These visual art classes are a step above our fine arts classes in that they are primarily focused on developing strong technique. The first two steps are the hardest, training our brains to see accurately, then translating the image to a two-dimensional piece of paper. To do this, we will study art processes using a variety of materials. Just like a pianist practices scales, we will do repeated exercises on drawing what we see, and utilizing the elements of art (line, shape, color, value, form, texture, space). This year our Art Intensive class will focus on brush drawing, a drawing course called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, and pen & ink skills. Assignments not finished in class will need to be finished at home. Taught by Ms. Stephanie. (50 minutes)


Does my student need to bring anything to class? All students should bring a water bottle marked with their full name. Students with dietary restrictions should bring their own snack. If their class requires a notebook, they need to bring money on the first day to purchase it and bring the notebook every subsequent week. If an assignment was completed at home, remember to bring it to share with your teacher so she knows how to help you continue working toward improvement.

Should parents stay with their kids? You, the parent, know more about your child and what will help him or her thrive. That means, you are the best person to make this decision! Some parents stay with their kids during classes, some stay nearby in case the child has a need, and most drop their kids off. You can choose what is best for your family throughout the year.

How should my child dress? – We go outside every day, regardless of the weather. You need to check the weather report and dress your child or send clothes that will keep them comfortable in all kinds of weather (rain coat in rain, snow pants in winter, shorts and t-shirt on hot days, etc.). Especially make sure your child is wearing sturdy shoes that cover the whole foot, we do a lot of running around and working with animals and want to prevent tripping or injury. It is especially helpful if you label clothes with a family name so we can get them back to you instead of losing them in the Lost & Found (a.k.a. “The Black Hole”).

What about drop-off, pick-up, and lunch? Students over age 6 are welcome to come at 12:30 with a bag lunch and eat with everyone here. Or, you can be dropped off a few minutes before 1:00 p.m. ready to start class. We do not provide lunch. Please send a labeled bag lunch with a water bottle. We picnic when we can!

What should I do with my kids age 5 and under outside of their designated class time?  Please stay with your young ones at all times, we are not responsible for watching them. We have had issues with young kids wandering from their parents and engaging with caged animals, destroying books, or entering bedrooms and leaving a mess. It means so much to us that you would help us avoid this additional chaos while here. There is no program for Seeds in the afternoons. Please keep children under age 5 at home or directly accompanied by a parent while on-site.

What should I do if one of my kids is sick? Please refer to our Health & Safety Protocols, we make a clear list of when to definitely keep your kids home, and when you can make your own decision.

Do we have to wear a mask? You the parent can decide if you want your child masked and we will respect your wishes in kindness and without judgment. Almost everyone here chooses not to wear masks, but again, you are free to decide what is best for your children and your family.