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  • Johanna Puelston, Music Teacher
    Johanna Puelston has loved music and theatre since she was three years old, watching other kids perform at church one week. She asked her mom, "When can I go up there and sing with those kids?" Within a year, she was up there with those kids, and since then has happily performed in many … Read more
  • Andrea Howard, la Maestra
    Hola! Me llamo Annie. Hi, my name is Annie Howard. I am excited to be your Spanish teacher this year! My husband Matt and I have four wonderful children. I have formal training as an elementary school teacher and taught in the classroom for about 7 years. My love for Spanish language started … Read more
  • Rebecca Selin, Administrator & Teacher
    It has always resounded deep within me, that life is a very serious thing. So from the point in my life when I first was considering having children, I have always endeavored to be intentional. To be consistently intentional in life is a struggle because life is also filled with unpredictable chaos. A … Read more

“Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.”

Charlotte Mason

Loft & Field is a working farm. This means our family makes part of our income from the work we do here. We sell dairy goat milk, eggs, chickens & chicks, and other products from our farm. When you’re here, we ask that you respect our space and our livelihood by only entering farm areas with an escort.