Welcome to our beautiful farm in North Branch, Minnesota. My husband and I worked very hard to make this farm a reality, and we are overjoyed to be able to share it with you. Support your local farmers when you can. And, you might as well get educated by them as well. Here at Loft & Field, we aim to do both.

If you are interested in any of our offerings below, please contact Stephanie directly via email:

Minnesota Licensed Hatchery

We are a Minnesota Board of Animal Health certified hatchery. This means that we get tested annually to make sure we meet standards of health and treatment of our eggs/chickens. We sell chicks from January to early spring. We currently raise Black Cochin Bantams, White Leghorns, and Japanese Bantams (black-tailed white). They come health-tested with NPIP stamps and P-T tested so they can leave the state or go to exhibitions. We sometimes hatch eggs from other flocks depending on incubator space. If you are interested in chicks, you can email us from December to March to request birds.

Pastured Eggs from Happy Chickens

We have LOTS of eggs year round, and sell most of them to others (December-January we are often short due to hatching). Our chickens are free-ranged (as much as Minnesota weather permits) and they are fed a healthy diet. We’re happy to supply them to others for $3.50 a dozen!

Dairy Goats & Goat Milk

We raise dairy goats; both Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubians. My kids and I show them and we do quite well! We sell goat’s milk by the half-gallon ($8) from March to the end of August. As per Minnesota law, when you purchase milk, you need to bring your own containers and pick it up on our farm. Our goats have about 6% milkfat which is especially excellent for butter, yogurt, ice cream, soap, and cheese. We may also have doelings and bucklings for sale in the spring or summer. Our hope is to soon see some Mini Nubians on our farm as well.

Organic Gardening

We have a large garden to grow our own food. The field usually grows corn or hay which is sold. Our large vegetable garden is a family and community project. I have a passion for growing and drying herbs, my son adores growing flowers (and carnivorous plants), and we all love fresh vegetables. We are also working to get a small orchard and berry bush section going, but won’t see the fruits of that labor for a few years. We preserve what food we can for our family and share the rest with others.

Kefir Soaked, Sprouted Flour

We soak red wheat and einkorn wheat in kefir, sprout it in the sunshine, dehydrate it, then grind it into flour. We sell it for $5 per pound and will fresh mill it for you. It’s delicious and nutritious!


We raise and show rabbits – we currently have Mini Lops, a Netherland Dwarf, and Flemish Giants. Occasionally we have pedigreed babies for sale. My kids are active with the Cottontails Club in Chisago County 4-H and love all that they are learning there. We are also starting to step out into some ARBA rabbit shows.

Poultry Testing Agent

I am a Minnesota Board of Animal Health certified testing agent and can test all forms of poultry for many different diseases and illnesses. I can be hired to come to your farm, do health testing on your poultry, then give you flock health certificates once healthy results have been confirmed. I can also provide NPIP forms for birds crossing state lines, showing poultry, or going to sales and swaps. I can also teach groups about poultry, and currently do so through the Chisago County 4-H Poultry Peeps group. By testing the poultry on your farm regularly, you can help with the Defend the Flock program by working to stop the spread of poultry disease. I charge $35 an hour for these services + additional for travel outside 30 miles.

Bio-Secure Certified Farm

We are a part of the National Poultry Improvement Plan and are audited annually by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health to be sure our farm is clean of disease and is bio-secure to prevent illness. Because of this, we have special requirements in how we run our farm to be sure that our animals adhere to a strict standard of health. You will be expected to hold to this standard so we can maintain our bio-secure status. You will need to obey signs that ask you to stay away from certain areas, put the bottoms of your shoes in a bleach bath before going to animal areas, use hand sanitizer, and keep your car away from animal premises. We also ask that those of you with animals at your house wash and wear clean clothes before coming here.