PM Programs

Afternoon programs are on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. Students who sign up for the afternoon program will be signed up for both of the following classes and will rotate between them. We will divide the children by age/ability into four groups (seeds, sprouts, saplings, oaks) and when appropriate we will rotate children between these groups to enhance learning. When you sign up, please list the name and age of each child.

#1 – Fine Arts with Mrs. Stephanie

The purpose of fine arts classes is to explore how tools and media can be used to express emotion, ideas, and to document real life. Students will work on developing excellent technique through practice and studying master artists. This year we will focus on the elements of design, sculpture, and Shakespeare.

Trimester 1: Elements and Principles of Design;
We will study line, shape, form, value space, color, and texture; we will explore art technique, drawing methods, and an improvement in how we “see” the things around us.

Trimester 2: Sculpture
We will use Earthenware Ceramics to express emotions, ideas, and to document real life; students will create using 3 major play-building techniques (pinch, slab, coil) as well as creating armatures and air flow within their piece; We will study the sculpture works of Michelangelo, Auguste Rodin, Henri Moore, and Deborah Butterfield.

Trimester 3: Shakespeare
This year we are studying Twelfth Night; We will study who Shakespeare is and why he is significant; We will read the play using readers theater, memorize a couple of significant passages, participate in some short reenactments of shortened scenes. We also encourage students to attend the field trip to see Twelfth Night at the Guthrie Theater in February.
––Shakespeare Recitations, Twelfth Night ––
1.1 lines 1-8 Orsino: “If music be the food of love, play on…”
2.3 lines 46-51 Feste: “What is love? ‘Tis not hereafter…”
2.5 lines 137-139 Malvolio: “If this fall into thy hand… be not afraid of greatness…”
Sonnet 94

#2 – Movement Study with Mrs. Rebecca

The purpose of movement classes is to help students get in tune with their bodies in a way that encourages fitness, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.

Trimester 1:
Square Dancing

Trimester 2:
Swedish Drill/Ballet/Calisthenics

Trimester 3:
Group Sports