Teacher Training

Charlotte Mason spent the majority of her life training teachers — not teaching children, as some may think. We believe that since she made that her life work that others should follow in her footsteps, not just for their own children but to make this kind of education available far and wide.

Charlotte was adamant about the foundational truth that each child, each person, should be introduced to a wide variety of subjects and consume many kinds of ideas. She believed that a person doesn’t need special skills or special technology or special training to learn. And in our changing world, with oftentimes difficult circumstances, we need teachers who can present ideas in less than ideal circumstances using these unique principles so that the education of this generation of children is not hindered. We want their education to flourish!

We are working hard on finding the right platform and also the time to begin this important work of sharing in the effort to know. We expect to have content for both stay-at-home parents who are learning how to teach their own children AND professional teachers who want to learn the effective methods that CM curated.

Our hearts are all ready to go on our training courses, but our feet are still moving to get us there!

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