Start a School

Are you interested in starting your own Charlotte Mason group or school? We are currently working on an online class just for you! We will offer this as an online learning group using a live webinar format plus pre-recorded videos and a private online group. The live interactive sessions will also be recorded so you can view at your leisure if live doesn’t work for you. We are expecting the class to last 8 weeks and will potentially be running it a few times a year.

We will be teaching how to plan a Charlotte Mason school, from a review of the big picture Charlotte Mason principles all the way down to the specific detailed logistics and modern practices. We have been down this path and can share with you what we have learned. 

These are some of the topics we are working on:

  • Philosophy – Why is this important in the world right now? What is a Charlotte Mason school? What does it look like in practice? What are the principles and what are the practices? What makes a lesson a CM lesson – what it is and isn’t.
  • Structure – Should you be a co-op, organization, LLC, or company? Which and why? Legal ramifications to protect your interests and be aware of government requirements. Location considerations. Insurance.
  • Administration – Paperwork such as: handbooks, waivers, family information, etc. (with copies for you to edit!) How to deal with money – make things free or paid? What to charge, where expenses go, how to manage it. Media – newsletters, email, social media. Marketing. Staffing – paid or volunteer? Extra administration needed? Cleaning roles? Classes – what classes should you offer? Should you divide by age, have big groups? Plan for snacks, bagged lunches, coats and boots and lost and found. So many logistics to solve! 
  • Teachers – What classes should you have? Who do you get to teach the classes? Where can you find good teachers? How do you help them use a Charlotte Mason teaching method?
  • Parents – How do I find people interested in this? What are the common requests and issues parents have? Is it better to have parents drop off children or have them stay and hover?
  • Students – What are the common challenges? What about neurodiverse students, will it work for them? What about sibling conflicts? What do I need to adjust?
  • Community – I can’t do a full CM school, what can I do? Creative non-school or pre-starting a school ways to start: Field trips, Nature walks, Living books library, CM book clubs, creating riches packs of curriculum, and reaching out to other parents.
  • More Details – Potential problems, FAQs, controversial opinions
  • Set some goals and get going – faith and jumping in, lead by example, don’t forget your own mother culture / parent culture. 
  • Printable resources we want to share with you: example handbooks, liability forms, database forms, calendars, book discussion guide, field trip planners, training cheat sheet for CM teachers.

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