Online Kids’ Classes

From Wholesome Memes on Reddit.

We’ve seen lots of people offering Charlotte Mason online classes, but when we look at them they are often just someone lecturing on a video. Do Charlotte Mason principles just go out the window when we think about online learning? Is it even possible to fully apply her philosophy to an online environment? We believe so strongly in Charlotte Mason education that we don’t want to label something as being CM when it’s just “kinda-sorta”.

We have a heart for providing classes for those who can’t meet with us in person. Our teachers are passionate about what they teach and eager to share it with others. As of summer of 2020, we are working on making that happen soon. But as we work on the details of cameras, sounds, and content, we are also being challenged by going back to Charlotte Mason’s words and philosophy. We want anything we do in this arena to fit within CM’s philosophy and so we are wrangling how to make the practices of e-learning fit a philosophy that could not even imagine it. We don’t believe it’s impossible, and so we are moving ahead slowing and carefully. We intend to adhere closely to what it means to teach a lesson in a Charlotte Mason way.

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