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Do you spend most of your time at the library picking over lackluster library books and trying to make your children choose something, anything of quality to read? Do you want to let them get whatever delights them, but then get home to find they’ve chosen books with lots of glitter and bad attitudes, or rude drivel? Does going to the library feel like a battle against “junk food” that you’re tired of fighting? After all, at least they’re reading, right?

There’s a better way, and it’s a Living Library.

What is a Living Library?

Imagine a haven of beautiful books. There are old and new stories, but every one is enjoyable and well-written. They are from diverse viewpoints, but every one is wise. The authors are experts in their field, and each write with infectious passion. You don’t have to sift through brightly-colored trash. Nothing panders to lazy appetites or talks down to youth. Every book feeds imaginations, intelligence, and hearts.
That is a Living Library.

I (Stephanie) was frustrated every time I went to the library. It was impossible to find books that my children could learn from. Most non-fiction were dry and tedious, the stale bread of literature. Too many fiction books were flashy colors with saccharine contents. I wanted my children to be nourished when they read. I wanted to be able to look at a wall of books and say, “Every book on this shelf is good for your soul.” And I wanted to be able to take all the time I needed to savor a book without being fined.

What started as my own personal collection has expanded to a collection of thousands of books on dozens of topics. They are books written by experts so passionate about their subjects that they dedicated their lives to them. They are organized by topic or time period, with options for every age level. They are living. Nourishing. Good for the soul. Books that will inform, inspire, and challenge your children. Books that they will keep under their pillows. Books they will take everywhere. Books they will read over and over again.

I invite you to enter my library and feast! 

A subscription to the library is $35 for the year.

There is no limit to the books you may have out! There are no overdue fines and no due dates except the end of the subscription year. This means that unless you lose a book, you’re welcome to keep reading it for the whole year! If a book is lost, the subscriber will need to replace the book.

We ask that you care for our books. Many of them are out of print, or high quality editions that cannot be easily replaced. We also thank you for returning them when you are finished so they can be shared with others. We may contact you if there is someone hoping to read one of the books you have.