Living Books Library

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Please note that we are still working some kinks out of the digital catalog.

About the Library

As of August 2019, this library has been entirely put together and purchased by the Lewis family. We are overjoyed to share these treasures with others in the homeschool community. We use most of the funds used to purchase membership to add additional books that will benefit those who use the library.

Our library is open the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Check our calendar for exact dates.

If you are interested in purchasing books as a donation to the library, we have a wishlist of most-desired books on Amazon. There are many others that we would like, but please check with us first as we are very particular about what books make it in.

If you would like to request any books, please email us at

Subscribing to Our Library

Subscriptions to our library can be purchased online for $30 at any time of the year, but will all expire at our Grand Openings in July. This year, the expiration date of all library memberships is July 10th, 2020.

Once you have a subscription, members are welcome to borrow as many books as they want. The books do not have a set checkout time period, but we will contact you if another member needs the book so we can work something out. We will send reminders at the end of every trimester to notify you what books you still have out. Every book will need to come back by the end of library memberships for the current year (July 10th, 2020). We ask that everyone shows respect for others by returning books when you are not using them. Please take excellent care of our books as many are rare and we operate on a very limited budget. We will ask that you replace any books that have been misplaced or damaged.

What is a Living Books Library?

Quick! Name me the last textbook you read that really inspired you, made you crave more knowledge on the topic, encouraged you to engage with big ideas, and even pushed you to become a better person! Or tell me the last encyclopedia article that filled your mind with such imagery and beauty that you simply could not put it down. Or tell me the last book you read that was written by an individual in that field of study that was so passionate about the subject that he dedicated his life to it. 

A living book is a high standard to reach. It is helpful to think of book selections as we think of food.

Very nutritious, but tastes disgusting, awful to eatVery informative, dryly written, boring to read (i.e. encyclopedia or textbook)
Delicious! But full of sugar & empty calories, little to no nutritive valuePurpose is to be titilating, but does not bring up great ideas, include beautiful writing, or encourage good character (i.e. any book with “butt” or “underwear” in the title”
Just “kid food” with no diversity of flavor suck as Cheerios or bread, day after day after dayTalking down to the child, assumes they are only capable of simple ideas, when they are really capable of so much more! Reading-made-easy, simple words, not inspiring, poorly written with stripped-down ideas (i.e. most non-fiction books on animals or history, especially if it says “made for grade level x”)
Day-old bread or leftoversStale, predictable. Usually written by someone not passionate about topic, you can tell what they’re going to say and it’s going to be said poorly. (i.e. most books written by an intermediary or a committee instead of an expert in the field)
A balanced meal that is diverse and nutritious, but still flavorful. You look forward to eating it and it doesn’t disappoint.Living book! Your mind is filled with pictures and your imagination takes off. You feel the passion/interest of the author. The writing is beautiful. You wrestle with big ideas. You desire to manifest godly character. The book stays with you as you age. The book is good enough to capture both young and old readers.

In short, we want to avoid what Charlotte Mason called “twaddle”. An excellent definition of twaddle is written on the Simply Charlotte Mason blog. And we want to fill ourselves and our children with living books that inspire and challenge us!

Why You Should Use Our Library

When you go to the public libraries, there is often a lot of twaddle. Have you ever hoped your children would be drawn in by great classics, but instead they come to you with glitter bad-attitude princess drivel? Or zombie warfare that is so poorly written it is painful to read? At Loft & Field, you can be sure your kids will only have access to the best books. We are very careful to make sure that only the best of what we have access to is here.

We also have lots of books that are out-of-print or are no longer available at public libraries. We go to the library sales and can’t believe what gems they are pulling from the shelves! And if you get them via inter-library loan, you can only keep them for a few weeks.

Because we focus on homeschool families, we try to excel in areas where public libraries can’t. Our books are organized by topic or time period. Within each of these stacks, there are books that will fit multiple reading levels. You will find books for your very youngest to very oldest to read on the topic. We also have lots of special perks such as checking out instruments or hands-on math manipulatives. Laminated artwork is available so you can hang the work in your home and enjoy it for a great artist study.

WE LOVE BOOKS. As in, I (Stephanie) have personally read over half of the books in this library! Are you looking for a book to fill a particular space in your curriculum, or to help a particular child fall in love with reading? Let us know what you’re looking for! We love talking books.We are always looking for ways to improve our library. When parents come to us with a list of books they need, we really work hard with the funds we have to see if we can get them.