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Printable version of 2019-2020 school year is here: Calendar.pdf

How to Contact & Locate Us

Please go to Contact & Location to get contact information (address, phone, email) and to view a map of our location. You can also fill out a contact form if you prefer that method of getting in touch with us.



Q. Can we come and check out your program to see if we want to join?
A. Sure! We do a grand opening in the summer, but if you missed that we’re happy to have you come visit us during a class. Please contact us and we’ll set something up.

Q. Is this a co-op? Do I have to take turns teaching like a different group?
A. No. We are not a cooperative. We offer classes to children ages 3 to 18 taught by professional teachers. We love the idea of parents taking turns teaching but one of the potential failure points of cooperatives is that parents offer differing interests, motivations, and time to devote to classes. We provide teachers who are highly motivated and personally interested in their teaching area. When we teach, we bring consistent preparation and passion for the subject area; we strive to provide both a wide and deep feast of knowledge and activities.

Q. Can I drop off my child? Or do I have to stay?
A. Children under 5 need a parent or guardian to stay on premises. Children 5-17 can be dropped off provided the appropriate release form and contact information has been filed and there are no recurring issues.

Q. Does the Charlotte Mason classes that you provide cover everything Charlotte Mason encouraged?
A. No. We have tried to cover the parts of a Charlotte Mason education that many parents find difficult to complete on their own. We encourage parents to stay and watch how different parts are taught in a “Charlotte Mason” way and to feel empowered to continue their own self-education, leading your child by example. The parts we don’t teach, we can help you learn to teach in a Charlotte Mason way.

Q. Can I use the library without taking classes? Can we go on field trips if we are not taking classes?
A. Yes! Library hours are during class days but we always have someone who can check out your books. Feel free to let your children come and pick their own books and maybe even peek in on a class to see if they might be interested in the future! Field trips that are listed on the website are open to any local participants.

Q. Can you accommodate special needs students?
A. Many of our students have various special needs. A few of our teachers have training and/or experience with special needs students. Contact us directly to discuss your child!

Q. Are you a religious group?
A. We are not a church. No one is required to adhere to any certain faith or belief to participate; however we are a Charlotte Mason group and many of Charlotte Mason’s principles can only be understood or applied with an understanding of Christian belief and history. Teachers do discuss Christian faith and belief and begin each day with a short prayer but no one is required to believe to participate. We only require respect of others’ beliefs.