Loft & Field Membership

$35.00 for 1 year

A purchased family membership to Loft & Field is required to participate in most of our classes. Additionally, this gives you the following perks:

  • Library Membership – Your family has full borrowing access to our living books library (5700+ items!!). See the Library section for more details. Borrowing privileges are from July 15th through June 30th.
  • Parent Support & Education – We host parent education classes, and also take the time to offer you a reasonable amount of individual support and education as needed. Includes book studies, parents of preschoolers classes, and monthly homeschool support luncheons.
  • Option for Consults – If you need more support, such as help with your overall homeschool planning or solving specific learning challenges, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our staff members. These sessions will have an additional fee. 
  • Newsletters – We spend some extra time to provide short, encouraging newsletters to help you persevere in your homeschooling journey.
  • Earlybird Event Registration – When we host field trips and events, we give our members an early window of time to sign up before we open it up to the general public.