AM Programs

Morning programs are on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. Students who sign up for the morning program will be signed up for all of the following classes and will rotate between them all throughout the morning. We will divide the children by age/ability into four groups (seeds, sprouts, saplings, oaks) and when appropriate we will rotate children between these groups to enhance learning. When you sign up, please list the name and age of each child.

#1 – Immersion Spanish with Señora Annie

Students will learn Spanish through an immersion classroom, speaking and responding in Spanish, and participating in Spanish songs and games. The classes are adjusted to meet the level of each class. Sra. Annie is an excellent teacher and kids really enjoy their time with her.

#2 – Kodaláy Music with Mrs. Johanna

Using a Kodaláy music training method, students will learn how to sight read notes through Sol-Fa ear training, learn rhythms, improvise and write music, learn folk songs, practice percussion instruments, and even work on some beginning notation. The goal of this class is not a concert at the end, but to enjoy the music process that could lead diligent students to write their own songs. It will develop confidence in singing and a strong appreciation for music. Mrs. Johanna has a beautiful personality that encourages students to feel safe while expressing and joy in music.

#3 – Handicrafts with Mrs. Rebecca

Students will learn three trimesters of handicrafts that are scaffolded to fit each age group. Young students will get assistance and patterns while learning basic skills. Middle aged students will do a combination of getting instruction but also having to design some on their own. Older classes will take apart work and use their observation skills to understand how things are made. The following are our focus areas this year:

Trimester 1 : Paper Crafts
Origami, Card Making, Building 3-Dimensional Models, Bookmaking

Trimester 2: Sewing Crafts
Needlework, Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing, Knitting, Crochet

Trimester 3: Structures and Cardboard Sloyd
Students will learn about building stable foundations, bridges, towers, establishing balance in structures, problem solving, and building with cardboard

#4 – Studio Art & Artist Study with Mrs. Stephanie

The goal of this class is to help students understand art processes and to develop confidence creating art with a variety of materials. Picture study will help students see art in a historic perspective, practice detailed observation skills, understand the value of composition, and show them how art expresses ideas, emotions, and documents real life.

Trimester 1: Watercolor, Ink, & Illusions of Space
Creating an Illusion of Space on a 2-Dimensional Plane; Artist Study of Katsushika Hokusai, Georgia O’Keeffe, Johannes Vermeer, and Grant Wood.

Trimester 2: Creating Functional Objects with Modeling Clay
Earthenware Ceramics; Understanding the 3 major clay-building techniques (pinch, slab, coil); We will study the ceramic works of Juan Quezada, Japanese Edo Period Porcelain, Native American Pottery, and Ancient Egyptian Pottery.

Trimester 3: Chalks, Pastels, & Impressionism
Using Color and Impressionism Stylistically; Artist Studies on Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Paul Cezanne.